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Authenticity and
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“Finding Your Authenticity Is Like Finding Buried Treasure, The Transformation Is Immediate And Life-Changing.”

– Norma Hollis, Change Agent Catalyst


There are many ways you can answer this. You may state the simplest things; your name and your reason for being here (even here on this website for instance).

You may even state your job or your business.

Notice how your instant thoughts revolve around the identity you portray on the outside?

Your answer is your stand in society.

Your position in its order. But who are you truly?

Underneath those layers of education, life lessons, hardships, relationships and genes, who are you inside, the pure and authentic you?

It’s hard to answer, isn’t it? Let me tell you why…

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The Authenticity program was designed to help others discover and understand themselves through an easy and simple system created by Norma. The foundation of the program is the Authenticity grid and the Authenticity assessment.

The Authenticity grid is a graphic representation of the nine dimensions of Authenticity which Norma discovered in her 30 years of research.

So What is the Authenticity Grid? Here’s Norma explaining how it works:

Begin Your Journey Into Becoming More Authentic

Who am I inside, the authentic me?

As humans, we are born into this world for a purpose. But little do we realize that society had already dictated the definition of what our “purpose” would be.

As children, we are praised for our talents and encouraged to live in our little fantasies of what we would want to be when we “grow up”. But then those fantasies are shattered once we step into the illusion of adulthood, living a systematic and miserable life run on repeat to serve others.

We are taught that our talents are simply hobbies and that our true purpose is to contribute to society through acceptable and monetary roles. With our loved ones urging us to “grow up” and follow in their footsteps, we have no choice but to obey. But did that child inside, who aspired to sing, dance, write or draw, truly fade away? Does the mask you wear truly express what’s in your heart?

Our purpose in this world is not to serve but to inspire.

We are not machines who just exist. We are intellectuals whose gifts and talents make the world sparkle and diverse like the galaxy. It is through our uniqueness that we attract the wonders of the world and the positivity that resides there.

How long has it been since you were “real” to yourself? How long has it been since you unapologetically showed your true identity to others, prejudice be damned? How long has it been since you forgot your true features behind your mask or buried your spark deep inside like beating down a small, harmless flame?

The beauty about our childhood gifts is that they never leave us, even if we leave them. The universe has a wonderful way of bringing them full circle back to us, whether it be at a moment of doubt or freedom. It takes only a brief moment, a breath taken away from your tiring routine to rekindle with what makes you happy.

“Being real” means to bring back the person you were born to be. Whether you wanted to be a writer, singer, dancer, artist or someone who wishes to share a powerful message, now is the time to accept what was taken from you. “Being real” means to accept your Authenticity, to be willing and fearless in being true to yourself.

That is why I created the Authenticity grid to show others how they can achieve what they were born to do, even if they feel they have lost their spark or are too old to pursue what makes them happy. I want to help you become self-aware by reconnecting you with the gifts and talents that glowed within you. Once you see the value in yourself and become deeply intertwined with your unique aura, you won’t need to hide behind your mask. You can’t help but live with Authenticity – leading to a happier, meaningful life of contentment.

You can live an authentic life, regardless of what the world has taken from you. All you need to do is change one thing in your life and Authenticity will find its way back to you.

Whether you’re an individual or represent an organization, we will help you break out of that cycle and become an authentic individual for yourself or an authentic leader for your organization.

Meet Norma Hollis


Norma Hollis is an International Board-certified Executive coach, author, speaker and Authenticity expert. She helps coaches, speakers, and leaders move from autopilot to meaningful purpose in life and business without losing their Authenticity.

After gathering 30 years of research, Norma created a nine-dimension Authenticity grid, which has aided many people in removing their masks and reconnecting with the natural talents they were born with. Norma’s philosophy involves encouraging both individuals and organizations to tweak one thing in their life/business to better understand and get in alignment with their Authenticity. Learn more about Norma’s personal journey with her Authenticity.

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I recommend Norma as a person who can connect with all walks of life. Someone who can inspire even the most stubborn minds to look inside themselves to better their lives and those around them.


The personal impact – I felt like Norma was speaking to each of us individually. Truly inspiring. A++


What Norma addresses is what every leader needs to pay attention to. You can’t lead if you don’t know yourself.


Self-awareness is important to me. The older I get the more I want to understand why I do the things I do. Having a guideline like this will help me to continuously evaluate any joy status.


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Norma’s eloquence in delivery, her respect for diversity of her audience, and her use of her own experience to tell a story that is linked to the key learning of her messages was so well received. The time spend this morning in self-reflection and exploration of our authenticity has created a “buzz” within our County team. We all walked away more aware of ourselves and focused on how to leverage our individual gifts to strengthen our inner, outer, and expressive voice! Very powerful and moving morning!


Norma has a great ability to connect with everyone regardless of age, sex, social class. I feel everyone was able and willing to look inside which doesn’t always happen in our line of work. I recommend Norma as a person who can connect with all walks of life. Someone who can inspire even the most stubborn minds to look inside themselves to better their lives and those around them.


This was a great opportunity to assess my life, an opportunity that I rarely give myself.