People say that when you become an adult, you unlock all the benefits in the world. No more stressful classes or exams, no more curfews, no more being told what to do.

The sweet illusion of freedom. But the one benefit we did have as children was that we had contagious confidence in what we loved to do. When we discovered our gifts, we glowed brightly enough to blind others. No one could remove the smiles from our faces because we had found what made us happy.

But then the world made us insecure about ourselves and dependant on others, so we lost that spark along the way. We lost the confidence that made us feel like we could fly. We even find it hard to pull a genuine smile too. Maybe you feel your dream is too far in the past that you cannot reach it.

The great thing is that leaving behind your dreams is like throwing a boomerang; no matter how many times you try to leave it behind, it will keep coming back to you in different ways until you are ready to accept it and welcome back the person you used to be so that the dream comes alive again.

Everyone is destined for greatness in many ways, whether there’s a message you need to share, a song to sing, a book you need to write, a dance to choreograph, a community for you to help or something else you need to do.

What makes your heart pound with delight?

What keeps you getting up every day, wanting to do more and more of?

What is the passion that knocks at your heart? The one you’ve tried to ignore?

No more hiding. No more excuses. No more pretending to be someone else. It’s time you listened to the knocking in your heart and become your authentic self!

By accepting your Authenticity, you will find that many aspects of your life will improve dramatically. You will gain:

  • Confidence in your decision-making skills
  • An unbreakable identity
  • Renewed values
  • Better relationships
  • Wholistic balance
  • More abundance
  • Career satisfaction
  • Purpose
  • Better communication

Are you who you want to be?

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